Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Comic-book Night - 6/5

Last night was New Comic-book Night.  I only bought one comic, The Movement #2, so I didn't think it was worth posting a picture.  I am also a little short on time this week, because I closed escrow on a house at 2 PM this afternoon.  Hopefully soon I will have some more interesting pictures to share -- about where and how I am storing some of my comics (if I can work out what I am planning).  Thus, I did not bother buying any of the digital stuff that came out this week, and I didn't sample anything or buy any back-issues. Once I get going with my move, I will have more time for that.  In the mean time, I will give a mini-review of the one issue I did buy yesterday.

The Movement #2 - The only reason I started buying this series last month is because it's written by Gail Simone, who is my favorite current comic-book writer. On Batgirl, at least, Gail Simone is inimitable. She has become Barbara Gordon over the years, and writes her with a powerful empathy for the character.  I became so enamored of Simone's writing that I couldn't resist trying The Movement.  However, I found the first issue to be remarkably mediocre (honestly, that's being generous), with characters who I found it difficult to like, and a plot I had trouble following (or, to be honest, caring about).  I hoped that #2 would improve things, but sadly, it did not. So, why am I having such a hard time liking this series?  I think there are two problems.

The biggest problem with The Movement is the characters. I just don't like any of them.  There is nothing sympathetic about them, nothing that makes me want to cheer for them.  They have annoying attitudes, frequently acting like jerks toward one another (and definitely acting like that toward people outside their clique).  They have strange powers that grate on me rather than intriguing me -- especially the rat boy whose big super-power is to summon an infestation of rats against his enemies. Wow, what a cool power. Then there's Burden, whose main superpower is to be possessed by a demon. I'm not sure if these are existing DC characters or made up for the series but either way, they do nothing for me in terms of powers or personality.

The second problem with this series, however, is that I despise the fundamental premise, which at its core is basically pro-anarchy.  Cops are bad -- down with cops. Government is bad -- down with government.  Everyone in authority is bad -- down with authority. Now, I'm as frustrated as the next guy at how inept and abusive our government can often be, especially lately, but that doesn't mean I think we should overthrow it.

Beyond the story/characterization issues in this series, there is the art, which I find sub-par (and again, that's being generous).  Combining sub-par art with characters I dislike and a philosophy I simply cannot embrace, I started to think it may already be time to end my dabbling with this new series.  However, it's Gail Simone, and she has earned some of my trust.  So, I will probably give it one more issue. But if she can't clean things up and make the book (and characters) more likable by the end of #3, I'm done.

My rating for issue 2: 6/10

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