Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The end of New Comic-book Night (probably)

I regret to announce I probably won't be able to do "New Comic-Book Night" the way I used to each week, from now on.  In case anyone is going to leap to conclusions in a single bound, this is not because I'm doing something radical like giving up buying comic-books. I did that back in 1999, so there's no guarantee I won't ever do it again, but it's not happening any time soon.  Rather, there are two other reasons why I won't necessarily post NCN snippets each Wednesday.

First, because I now live a rather long way from the comic shop, there's no guarantee I can get to the c-shop every Wednesday.  Today is a case in point. I had a meeting at work that ran until 5:30 PM, and I wasn't about to drive 45 minutes to the shop, and then 45 minutes back home, that late in the day (battling rush hour along the way, too). The distance is now too great for me to reliably post something every Wednesday.

Second, as I said in an earlier post, I have decided to start posting more detailed reviews of individual issues rather than quick summaries in my NCN posts -- this is mostly because indexing the NCN posts is not really possible, and it makes quickly finding a review of a particular issue difficult if not impossible.  With the review content removed from the NCN post, that doesn't leave much to write about, and we'd be down to a very short post and a picture. I'd rather do longer entries.

Therefore, as I say, I will continue to post the same content I always have... I just probably won't make the NCN-specific posts every single Wednesday like I'd been doing.

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