Monday, May 27, 2013

The Supergirl Homepage

Earlier this year, I began listening to the Kara Zor-El podcast, which is run by +Danny Saab and Andrew Pinkham.  I really enjoyed their podcasts.  They both love the Supergirl character, and had been doing reviews of her current book, which is part of DC's New 52.  After each podcast, I wrote them a long e-mail to follow-up with their on-air conversation.  I held forth on many of the issues I have discussed here on this blog, including the lack of respect DC Editorial has had for Supergirl ever since her death in 1985, and my disdain for the H'el on Earth crossover (which Danny and Andrew share).  And I reminded them of a few similarities between what has been going on now, and what has been done with Supergirl in the past (such as comparing the air-headed crush Matrix Supergirl had on Lex Luthor, to the similarly vacant-headed love the current Kara had toward H'el).

Danny and Andrew read these e-mails on their subsequent podcasts (which was fun) and discussed them. Apparently they liked what they read, because a couple of weeks ago, they made some changes to their website about Kara, and they asked me to be part of it, along with several of their other listeners.  They changed the Kara Zor-El home page to The Supergirl Homepage, so that they could collect in one place all things related to Supergirl (since, to be perfectly accurate, Matrix Supergirl has no place on a website devoted specifically to Kara Zor-El).  They asked me to be one of their contributing authors, and of course, loving Supergirl the way I do, I could not possibly have refused.

My role on the website will be as a reviewer for comic-books involving Supergirl.  They gave me a choice of which comics I wanted to work on, and I opted for The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl.  I will readily admit that the creative team that worked on this book is not my favorite (that distinction goes to Peter David, Gary Frank, and Cam Smith, who worked on the 1996 Matrix-based Supergirl series). However, this version of Supergirl (the original) is my favorite, and so I wanted to work on something related to her.  Therefore, beginning this Friday, I will be writing a weekly review article for the Supergirl Homepage about the 23 issues of The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl (one issue a week).

In addition to that, since I seem to be the only person on the new staff who has access to all of them, I will be reviewing the Supergirl mini-series from 1994, and also her two appearances in Showcase 95 (issues 1 and 2).  The very first of these reviews can be seen here, and I will be adding more as the week progresses.

In the mean time, I am joined by a team of very dedicated fans of Supergirl, including Danny Saab, Andrew Pinkham, Valerie Cotrill, and Stephen Vaughan.  Each of us has taken custody of a particular time period in the Girl of Steel's history, and reviews will be added almost daily to the website.  Soon it will be a vast repository of knowledge pertaining to the greatest super-heroine of all time.

Although this means I will be doing a lot more "review" writing, it will not have any impact on this blog site.  I will continue to post my thoughts on current and past comic-books here as always.   In between times, if you want to read some good articles about comic-books, and in particular if you're interested in learning more about Supergirl, swing by the Supergirl Homepage and check out what they've got going on over there.

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  1. That's great news! I look forward to seeing your reviews.