Thursday, September 12, 2013

Issue Review: Miss Fury 4

Miss Fury battles an army of Nazi robots in the year 2013.  As the battle rages, the Nazis Pinkston and Schauburger argue.  Schauburger throws a glowing sphere into the sky and a portal opens, teleporting in a giant Nazi battleship from World War II.  Miss Fury jumps off the battleship onto a roof-top, where she tries to attack Schauburger, but the two of them vanish through time while behind them, the battleship plows through Washington, D.C.  Next a flash-back shows Marla kissing Captain Chandler good-bye as he boards a train to go back to the War.  Later we see her receive a telegram that he is dead, and she faints.  Back in the future, Miss Fury battles Nazi robots, but then flees into the basement of St. Patrick's Cathedral.  There Shauberger explains that he is dead, killed right before Miss Fury fell through the timeline.  Schauburger claims that Agent Harmon is also moving through time, and that Harmon is the real villain  Back in 2013, Harmon confronts Pinkston, whose legs were severed by the passing battleship, and asks him where the time machine is.

This is another solid story turned in by Rob Williams and Jack Herbert.  We're starting to see the whole picture now, despite all the time travel.  In particular, where Harmon fits in, and the fact that he is a Nazi agent, make some of the earlier events clearer.  We also learn more about Miss Fury, and the fact that Chandler proposed to her, and she said yes.  Thus, we learn that she was really in love with him.  The World War II scenes continue to be my favorites in this story arc, because they reveal so much of Marla's character and what motivates her as Miss Fury.

On the other hand, some things remain confusing and unexplained by the end of this story. For example, when Schauburger opens the portal to World War II, what exactly causes it to open in precisely such a way that a World War II battleship appears? And what is his purpose in causing this to happen? Surely he can't think a battleship in Washington, D.C. could win a war all by itself in the year 2013, and the only thing the move seems to accomplish is to mortally wound Pinkston.  However, it's wildly overkill to try and defeat one person with a battleship.  Surely the sniper rifle Schauburger was carrying could have sufficed.  That said, the story overall was fairly easy to follow despite all the time traveling, and the characters remain interesting.  Marla/Miss Fury has grown on me more and more with each issue.

The art continues to be very strong on this series.  Both action scenes and quiet romance scenes are very well done, and Marla continues to look like a glamorous '40s move star.  The backgrounds are very detailed, and although the reason for the battleship's presence may be obscure, it's drawn extremely well.  The cover, which shows Fury slashing through a Nazi flag, looks great.

Overall, this was a reasonably enjoyable comic with a decent story and good artwork.  I've continued to have fun with this series, and look forward to the next issue.

My score: 8/10

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